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Recommendations for Romantic Dining Places in Temanggung for Ngedate

There are many romantic places to eat in Temanggung that offer beautiful natural scenery. One of the popular ones such as kampoeng sawah Temanggung is very suitable to be used as a place for family time with family.

Restaurants with a scenic atmosphere in Temanggung usually offer a traditional style design that can provide a romantic feel. In addition, Temanggung also has typical and delicious rural food.

You can go on a culinary adventure with your family, because Temanggung is also very suitable to be used as the best culinary destination. Plus usually the prices offered are also diverse and quite affordable.

7 Recommended Romantic Dining Places in Temanggung

One of the mottos that is prioritized in the city of Temanggung is clean, comfortable and healthy, famous as the city of tobacco. Many natural attractions to religious tourism are present in Temanggung, see the following some romantic places to eat in Temanggung.

1. Kampung Sawah

tempat makan romantis di temanggung

Foto: instagram/kampoeng.sawah

One of the most popular places to eat in Temanggung is kampoeng sawah, where you can get an exciting culinary experience while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. This lesehan dining place is perfect for families and couples.

Kampoeng sawah is very thick with traditional style and regional specialties such as meat soup, fried fish, fried chicken with the best spices. You can also order dessert as the best sweet culinary dessert that adds to the romantic atmosphere.

Open Every Day : 08.00 – 21.00 WIB 081212850049 Jl. Gatot Subroto 25 Kebonsari Temanggung

2. Kedai Titik Temu

tempat makan romantis di temanggung

Kedai Titik Temu is one of the contemporary youth hangouts that has a unique and romantic design. You can eat accompanied by a breathtaking view of the mountains, or sit at attractive colourful tables.

The food served is also diverse and instagramable such as rice bowl, chicken thai, onion rings, mojito and many others. Kedai Titik Temu is located at Giyanti Lot, Temanggung and is open every day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Kedai Titik Temu Tmg 0818-0788-2613

3. Cangkir House Of Coffee And Tea

tempat makan romantis di temanggung

Foto: Google Maps

This dining place offers indoor and outdoor concepts with a simple design with a homey feel. It is very comfortable and romantic if you come to the cup house of coffee and tea with your partner.

Moreover, the food offered is also diverse, contemporary and delicious such as contemporary waffles to instagramable drinks. This place is perfect for dating with a partner while hunting for interesting culinary delights.

Cangkir House of Coffe & Tea (0293) 4961598

4. Me Cafe Dan Arc

tempat makan romantis di temanggung

Foto: Google Maps

This dining place is also perfect for couples' activities, as it has a contemporary design in the indoor area. You can taste the local to western-style culinary specialties.

MECAFE – Temanggung 0821-3746-5864

5. Cafe Donking

tempat makan romantis di temanggung

Cafe Donking provides delicious western-style food such as pasta and a variety of interesting drinks. In addition, cafe donking also has a 2nd floor which is suitable for various gathering events, one of the mainstay menus is donuts.

Cafe Donking Donking Donuts & Coffee 0823-2970-6812

6. El Chick

tempat makan romantis di temanggung

El chick has a very minimalist design, there are several tables designed with only 2 chairs for customers who come in pairs. Although it seems cramped, this cafe is still crowded with visitors because it has a varied menu.

EL Chick Steak & Cafe 0853-2920-7778

7. Angkringan Downhell

tempat makan romantis di temanggung

This angkringan has a strategic location and a minimalist concept that is very comfortable to visit with your partner. Various typical foods with good taste are in this angkringan, perfect for you who want to hunt cheap culinary with your girlfriend.

Angkringan Downhell 0856-4196-2330

In addition to some of the romantic places to eat in Temanggung above, there are still many other places that have unique interior designs and interesting food. If you want to find a romantic place, Temanggung already has many of the best places that can be explored every day.

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