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About Travelbeib

I was born in Jakarta. But I grew up in Philadelphia, Bandung, and Adelaide. Staying in more than one place has taught me a lot about meeting new people, which I've learned a lot.

Flashback to my childhood memories, I remember my first trip was when I moved from Indonesia to America. During my growing up years living in America, my favorite moments were when my family and I went for road trips traveling to all the cities in America during my school holidays. At that moment, I realized I wanted to travel the world and see how beautiful this life is.


In case you're wondering who I am? My name is Shastri Darsono. I am the writer behind Travelbeib. An Indonesian Traveler living in Jakarta. You can call me Shastri.


In 2019, we received an email from a client in Malaysia. They wanted us to handle a group trip during their 5 days stay in Bali. Having a working background as an event and trip organizer for the past 10 years, our Founder took this opportunity to provide an exclusive travel experience for the group.

We were so delighted that our client were happy and satisfied with our services, therefore we started to organize private trips until the pandemic strikes the world.

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