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Top 6 Girls Getaway Destinations in Indonesia

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Ladies, it's time to pack those bags and head to Indonesia for the ultimate gal pal getaway!

This tropical haven is quickly becoming a go-to spot, offering a perfect blend of adventure and diversity. Think Bali, Gili Islands, and Lombok, boasting pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush landscapes that will leave you breathless.

When it comes to planning the perfect girls' getaway, Indonesia offers a plethora of exciting options with its diverse landscapes and cultures. From stunning beaches to serene nature escapes, Indonesia has it all for a memorable girls' getaway. Whether you're seeking relaxation on pristine beaches or eager to explore vibrant cities, Indonesia has something for every type of traveler. In this guide, we unveil the top 6 girls' getaway destinations in Indonesia that promise unforgettable experiences and endless fun. So, grab your besties and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

1. Bali - The Ultimate Island Paradise

Bali, known as the "Island of the Gods," stands out as a top destination for a girls' getaway. Offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and relaxation. Known for its stunning beaches, lush rice terraces, and crystal-clear waters, Bali is a paradise for sunseekers and water enthusiasts. Whether you and your girlfriends want to unwind on the sandy shores, dive into the underwater world, or explore the lush landscapes, Bali's diverse geography provides an array of options for every type of traveler.

The island is known for its warm hospitality friendly locals and laid-back atmosphere. With a majority of visitors report feeling safe and secure during their stay, makes Bali a safe city to travel for female travelers. Beyond its breathtaking scenery, Bali is also renowned for its lively arts scene, from traditional dance performances to modern art galleries, giving you and your friends ample opportunities to immerse yourselves in the local culture. The island is brimming with luxurious spas and wellness retreats, making it an ideal spot to pamper yourselves and rejuvenate.

Bali's extensive selection of world-class resorts and boutique hotels caters to various budgets, ensuring that you and your friends can find accommodations that suit your preferences. With an array of beach clubs, bustling markets, and bustling nightlife, Bali offers endless entertainment options, making it a top choice for a girls' getaway. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural exploration, Bali has it all, making it an unforgettable destination for a memorable girls' trip.

TravelBeib Girls' Getaway Packages in Bali

  • Bali Blissful Escape: Beach, Spas and Sunsets - Seminyak, Canggu

  • Cultural and Artistic Retreat - Ubud

  • Island Serenity: Bali Yoga Wellness retreat - Ubud, Tabanan

  • Tropical Adventure and Nature Exploration - North Bali (Wanagiri Hill, Buyan and Tamblingan Lake)

  • Bali Bohemian Rhapsody: Arts, Crafts and Culture - Canggu

  • Bali Bonanza: Island-hopping, Scuba, Snorkel and Sun-Kissed Skin - Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan

  • Exotic Elegance: Luxury Villas & Balinese Indulgence - Seminyak, Pecatu, Uluwatyu, Ubud and Tabanan

  • Tropical Taste Journey: Bali Foodie Fiesta

2. Gili Islands - A Tropical Haven

Gili Islands, located just off the coast of Lombok, have emerged as the ultimate destination for an unforgettable girls’ getaway. These pristine tropical paradises offer a harmonious blend of natural beauty and vibrant nightlife, making them a perfect choice for female travelers seeking a rejuvenating escape. With their sparkling turquoise waters, powdery white beaches, and stunning coral reefs, Gili Islands provide an idyllic setting for sunbathing, snorkeling, and watersports, ensuring that relaxation and adventure go hand in hand.

What sets the Gili Islands apart is their unique charm – there are no motorized vehicles on these islands, promoting a serene and eco-friendly atmosphere, where bicycles and horse-drawn carts are the primary modes of transport. This car-free environment allows for stress-free exploration, shopping, and dining, while the islands’ lively beach bars and nightlife hotspots ensure that the fun continues well into the night. Gili Islands offer the perfect escape for girlfriends to bond, unwind, and create lasting memories in a breathtaking, traffic-free oasis.

Gili Islands are the quintessential destination for a girls’ getaway, boasting a spectacular blend of natural beauty, vibrant activities, and an atmosphere of tranquility and adventure. The warm and welcoming local culture, along with the various wellness centers and yoga retreats, make it easy for women to embrace self-care and relaxation during their stay. Whether you’re seeking a serene escape on the beach, thrilling underwater explorations, or lively evenings of celebration, Gili Islands offer it all, making it a memorable choice for the ultimate girls’ trip.

TravelBeib Girls' Getaway Packages in Gili Islands

  • Gili Getaway: Girls' Escape in the Gili Islands

  • Gili Girls Gone Wild: Beach Parties and Water Sports

  • Beachfront Bungalows and Wellness Retreat

  • Scuba and Underwater Wonders: Gili Diving Divas' Retreat

  • Gili Gaia: Eco-Friendly Escape for Girls

  • Island Harmony: Yoga, Relaxation and Gili Magic

  • Island-Hopping Adventure: Explore all three Gili Islands - Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air

  • Gili Gems and Gourmet Delights: A Ladies' Adventure

3. Yogyakarta - The Cultural Gem

Yogyakarta – often referred to as Jogja – is an enchanting destination that tops the list for a girls' getaway. Located in the heart of Java. This Indonesian gem, vibrant city seamlessly combines rich cultural experiences with modern delights, offering an unforgettable trip for female travelers. The city is also home to breathtaking historical landmarks like Borobudur and Prambanan temples, providing the perfect backdrop for immersive cultural exploration and Instagram-worthy photos.

Beyond the historical treasures, Yogyakarta is a hub for traditional Javanese arts and crafts, offering fantastic shopping opportunities for souvenirs and stylish keepsakes. It is also an ideal destination for active and adventurous women with attractions like Mount Merapi jeep tours and river rafting, providing an adrenaline rush for those seeking excitement. The city's thriving culinary scene invites you and your girlfriends to savor authentic Indonesian dishes at affordable prices. And with its friendly locals and numerous wellness and spa options, Yogyakarta ensures an unforgettable and rejuvenating girls' getaway experience.

The city's affordability also makes it an attractive choice for budget-conscious travelers, allowing you and your friends to enjoy quality accommodations and memorable experiences without breaking the bank. Overall, Yogyakarta's unique blend of culture, adventure, and affordability makes it an ideal destination for a girls' getaway, offering an unforgettable and enriching experience that will leave you with cherished memories and lasting bonds.

TravelBeib Girls' Getaway Packages in Yogyakarta

  • Cultural Chic Retreat in Yogyakarta

  • Yogya Explorer: Temples, Trails, and Traditions

  • Yoga Bliss and Borobudur Serenity

  • Javanese Journey: Art, Culture, and Cuisine

  • Merapi Mystique: Adventure in the Volcano's Embrace

  • Jungle Serenity: Wellness in Yogyakarta

  • Yogyakarta Culinary Quest: Flavors of Java

  • Crafts and Culture: Yogyakarta Artisans' Getaway

4. Lombok - The Undiscovered Gem

Lombok, a dazzling gem of Indonesia, sparkles as the perfect spot for an unforgettable girls' vacay. This delightful island packs a punch with its mix of golden beaches, lush greenery, and lively culture, making it a top pick for gal pals seeking both relaxation and adventure. With beachy beauties like Kuta and Pink Beach, Lombok is a dreamy spot for soaking up the sun, noshing on beach picnics, and getting your sea legs with water sports. Brace yourself for a tranquil escape to the Gili Islands, just a hop and skip away from Lombok. Here, you'll find a world of wonder with crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and lively beachfront scenes ready for snorkeling, diving and island-hopping galore.

What sets Lombok apart is its rich cultural tapestry, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the Sasak way of life. Explore local markets, witness traditional ceremonies, and savor authentic Indonesian cuisine for a holistic cultural experience. It's a destination that allows you to unwind and explore, making it a great choice for a girls' getaway. The combination of serene beaches, cultural exploration, and outdoor activities makes Lombok an optimal choice for a diverse and fulfilling girls’ getaway, promising a harmonious blend of relaxation and adventure against the backdrop of Indonesia’s natural beauty.

TravelBeib Girls' Getaway Packages in Lombok

  • Lombok Luxe Retreat: Beachfront Bliss & Beyond

  • Island Elegance: Lombok Escape for Ladies

  • Sun, Sand, and Sisterhood: Lombok Getaway

  • Lombok Lotus Love: Yoga, Spa, and Serenity

  • Gili Gems & Lombok Leisure: Girls' Island Paradise

  • Tropical Temptations: Lombok's Secret Hideaways

  • Lombok Luna: Moonlit Beach Parties

  • Rhythms of Rinjani: Girls' Summit and Spa Soiree

5. Bandung - The Fashionable Retreat

Unveil the perfect girls' getaway in the charming city of Bandung, where cultural allure and modern chic converge for an unforgettable experience. Known as the "Paris of Java," Bandung captivates with its trendy boutiques, lively markets, and unique art galleries, making it a haven for girlfriends with a passion for fashion and style. Stroll down the city's vibrant streets, discovering chic finds and capturing Insta-worthy moments against the backdrop of hip cafes and captivating street art. Bandung's urban sophistication ensures a dynamic and fashionable escape for girlfriends looking to indulge in trendy local brand's design stores and create lasting memories.

Beyond the city's trendy facade, Bandung offers a refreshing escape into cool climates and natural beauty. Explore the lush tea plantations of Ciwidey, providing a serene retreat amidst picturesque landscapes. Adventure seekers can hike through Bamboo Village or discover the captivating Tangkuban Perahu volcano. Bandung's diverse offerings, from cultural exploration to outdoor escapades, make it an optimal choice for a girls' getaway, promising a delightful blend of sophistication and nature against the backdrop of Indonesia's vibrant culture. Get ready to enjoy the best of both worlds for an Instagram-worthy and rejuvenating escape with your besties.

TravelBeib Girls' Getaway Packages in Bandung

  • Eco-Chic Retreat: Fashion & Nature Fusion in Bandung

  • Breezy Boutique Bliss: A Weekend of Style in Bandung

  • Weekend Waves: Bandung’s Chic Cafés and Chill Spots

  • Chic Peaks & Nature Retreat: Bandung’s Weekend Wonderland

  • Highland Harmony: Girls’ Weekend in Bandung

  • Weekend Wanderlust: Bandung Boutique Bliss

  • Artistry in Bandung: Culture, Crafts, and Cafés

  • Java Gems Getaway: Girls’ Weekend in Bandung

6. Raja Ampat - An Underwater Paradise

Embark on an unforgettable girls’ getaway to Raja Ampat, the crown jewel of Indonesian archipelagos, where tropical paradise meets unparalleled marine beauty. This remote haven, renowned for its stunning coral reefs and vibrant underwater life, offers an exclusive escape for girlfriends seeking a unique and awe-inspiring adventure. Dive into the crystal-clear waters to explore the kaleidoscopic marine world, swim with majestic manta rays, and snorkel amidst coral gardens, creating cherished memories against the backdrop of Raja Ampat’s breathtaking seascapes. For nature-loving friends, this destination provides an Instagram-worthy playground of turquoise lagoons, hidden beaches, and lush landscapes, ensuring a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration.

Beyond its natural wonders, Raja Ampat’s secluded charm invites girlfriends to unwind in serene luxury. Exclusive resorts nestled in pristine settings offer a perfect retreat after a day of marine exploration or island hopping. From private beachfront villas to eco-friendly accommodations, Raja Ampat caters to various preferences, ensuring a comfortable and stylish escape for every girl’s squad. This Indonesian paradise promises an extraordinary girls’ getaway, combining the thrill of underwater adventures with the tranquility of secluded beauty, creating a truly enchanting experience for lifelong memories.

TravelBeib Girls' Getaway Packages in Raja Ampat

  • Tropical Tresses & Turquoise Seas: Raja Ampat Glam Getaway

  • Seas the Chic: Eco-conscious Girls’ Getaway in Raja Ampat

  • Eco-Chic Island Haven in Raja Ampat

  • Raja Ampat’s Chic Coastal Retreat: Sea, Style, and Sunset

  • Tropical Vogue Voyage: Stylish Escape in Raja Ampat

  • Ocean Odyssey: Girls’ Getaway in Raja Ampat’s Waters

  • Underwater Utopia: Girls’ Eco Dive Adventure in Raja Ampat

  • Blue Planet Beauties: Raja Ampat’s Eco-Friendly Marine Retreat


In the realm of girls' getaways, Indonesia stands as a treasure trove of diverse experiences, from Bali's enchanting beaches to the cultural delights of Yogyakarta and the hidden gems of Semarang. As a travel company dedicated to female travelers, we understand the safety and essence of creating unforgettable moments with your besties. Embark on your next adventure with us as your guide to these top 6 destinations. Explore, indulge, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Your ultimate girls' getaway awaits – let's make it extraordinary together.

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