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Plan to Save for a Low Budget Trip to Indonesia

The holidays are coming, have you planned which tourist destinations you will visit later? In Indonesia, there are many local tourist destinations, and they are no less good than overseas destinations. For those of you who want to take a vacation, you have to make a saving plan for a trip to Indonesia with a low budget.

Before we make a vacation plan, make sure that the destination is in accordance with the budget that we will save. We will present which cities in Indonesia can be a reference for saving plans for a trip to Indonesia.

Low Budget City Destinations in Indonesia

Each city has a different budget standard, which is very important. Because it makes us have to know how much budget must be spent later.

1. Solo or Surakarta

rencana menabung untuk trip ke Indonesia solo

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, Photo: Google Maps

This city is one of the famous cheap cities for those of you who like to travel. Compared to other cities in Indonesia, Solo is quite low budget. With a fairly thick Javanese culture, the city of Surakarta has various tourist destinations that must be visited.

You can travel to various natural and cultural destinations such as Grojogan Sewu or Solo Palace. In addition, you can also look for various Solo culinary specialties such as Solo Strait or Liwet Rice which you can find only in the city of Solo.

2. Yogyakarta City

rencana menabung untuk trip ke Indonesia yogyakarta

Jalan Malioboro, Foto: Google Maps

It is said that Yogyakarta is made of longing, and when we set foot in Yogyakarta, we will love every corner of it. The city presents a complete range of tourist destinations, ranging from indoor tours, museums, and beautiful natural attractions.

You can play on the mountain, and play on the beach in just one day. Yogyakarta is also famous for its cheap food.

There are many angkringan (street food stalls) that serve delicious and cheap food here. Not only angkringan, you can get very cheap warung prices. With only Rp15,000 you can eat chicken rice plus drink iced tea.

3. Malang

rencana menabung untuk trip ke Indonesia malang

Jatim Park 3, Foto: Google Maps

After Central Java and Yogyakarta, we will go to the east of Java. In the city of Malang to be more precise, we can visit various destinations to getaway. Starting from soaking in Songgoriti hot springs, playing rides at Jatim Park, seeing the works at Museum Angkut, or enjoying the atmosphere of a night market like BNS.

These tourist destinations in Malang are located in Batu. From Malang, you will need about 1 hour from Malang City. By using public transportation angkot, you can get a cheaper price.

Arriving in Batu, you can get a variety of villas and cheap lodging places with a good view, and certainly can be a savings plan for trips in Indonesia.

4. Bogor

rencana menabung untuk trip ke Indonesia bogor

Air Terjun Curug Cilember, Foto: Google Maps

Having the nickname of the city of Rain, Bogor is also suitable as a low budget tourist destination. From Jakarta to this city only takes about 3 hours. in the city of Bogor we can find various culinary spread throughout the city.

In addition to culinary, we can also visit the Bogor Botanical Garden tour, or the existing Curug tour. For a cheap price, you can take a bus from Jakarta, then towards tourist destinations we can rent a vehicle at a cheap price.

Also read: Recommendations for Romantic Dining Places in Temanggung for Ngedate From the four low budget tourist destinations above, it can be a saving plan for trips in Indonesia. So before deciding to travel abroad, make sure you have visited these cities.

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