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Lembang tourism, Japanese style Banding at Kyotoku floating market

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Japan is one of the countries most in demand by the people of Indonesia. Many people have dreams of going and vacationing in Sakura Country. However, Japan can be felt in Lembang Tourism, Bandung in the Japanese style.

The tourist spot in question is precisely the Kyotoku Floating Market. You don't have to go all the way to Japan. Visitors can feel the feel of traditional Japan and its culture at this one tourist attraction.

For tourists who are interested in Japanese-style tourism in Indonesia. The following is a complete review of the Kyotoku Floating Market.

Lembang Tourism Locations, Bandung Japanese Style Kyotoku Floating Market

Kyotoku Floating Market is part of the Japanese-style Lembang tour, Bandung. So, actually there are many themes and other tourist objects that can be visited in the area. For example, like Rainbow Garden, and Mini Town.

The Japanese village in Bandung itself is a famous tourist spot in the city of Bandung. So, visitors don't need to worry about roads, routes, and access to this one tourist spot.

This Floating Market is located at Jalan Grand Hotel No. 33. The opening hours of this tourist attraction are quite long, from 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Thursday. For weekends, such as Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The opening hours of the Kyotoku Floating Market are longer, namely from 8 am to 8 pm. So, visitors don't need to worry because there is a lot of time that can be spent at this one tourist attraction.

Activities to Do in Kyotoku Floating Market

Because the concept is Japanese village tourism, it's not surprising that the activities that visitors can do are related to Japanese culture. Not only taking pictures with a typical Japanese background.

There are many activities related to Japanese culture that you can try at the Kyotoku Floating Market. Here is the full review:

1. Rent Kimono or Yukata

Wisata Lembang Bandung ala Jepang 2

Foto: Instagram @kyotoku_floatingmarket

Kimono and Yukata are traditional clothes of Japan which are icons of that country. Therefore, it is definitely incomplete to visit a Japanese-style Bandung tour if you don't wear a kimono or yukata.

No need to bring your own kimono or yukata. Visitors can borrow or rent kimonos and yukatas at the Kyotoku Floating Market. The price is quite affordable. Only IDR 75,000 per hour.

If visitors want something even cheaper, visitors can choose a package for IDR 175,000. This price does not only include kimono or yukata rental. But also, services for photos in the desired location.

2. Take a photo on the boat

Wisata Lembang Bandung ala Jepang 1

Foto: Google Maps

To make this Japanese-style tour of Lembang, Bandung more memorable. Visitors can try to take pictures with a typical Japanese background. However, it is not just Japanese-style houses or buildings.

As a floating market, of course there will be boats provided at this tourist attraction. Visitors can maximize the Japanese vibe in photos taken by taking pictures on this typical Japanese boat.

3. Learn the Tea Ceremony

Wisata Lembang Bandung ala Jepang 3

Foto: Instagram @kyotoku_floatingmarket

At Kyotoku Floating Market, visitors will not only see typical Japanese village views. Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the tea ceremony, which is one of the most important traditions in Japan.

The tradition of drinking tea is also known as Chado or Chanoyu. Visitors can learn basic knowledge about this culture here.

That's a review about tourism in Lembang, Bandung in Japanese style at Kyotoku Floating Market. If these tourists want to visit Japan but stay in Indonesia. This location is the most appropriate choice.

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