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Disappointed with Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury Train Service

On Friday, 5 October 2018, my husband and I travelled to Semarang on the Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury train. Departed from Gambir at 09.30. Arrived in Semarang at 15.00. I sat on bench 7B and my husband on 7A. Our seating positions were next to each other. Before reading this article, you should read about review and service of Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury in advance.

travelbeib kereta api argo bromo anggrek luxury jakarta semarang

Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury train from Jakarta to Semarang

About Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury

Unlike the Executive class, there are only 18 benches for Luxury class passengers. No wonder there is a 3x difference in ticket prices. Executive class at 450 thousand per person and Luxury class at 1.1 million per person. Here penjelasan oleh Bapak Edi Sukmoro as President Director of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) when launching Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury on June 12, 2018.

“This is one form of innovation from KAI to improve services. With this luxury class service, the public has more choices of travel classes according to the tariff and service.”

Officer Guarding Luxury Carriages

During the 6-hour journey, there are three officers guarding the Luxury carriages. One female employee, serving as a flight attendant for the Luxury class passengers. One janitor who picks up trash on each passenger bench at each station stop. One Polsuska (Special Train Police) officer who maintains the security and order of the Luxury carriages.

travelbeib gerbong argo bromo anggrek luxury

Gerbong Luxury

On the way, the Luxury carriage contained no more than 10 people. There were about 6 passengers, including myself, my husband and the flight attendant who continued to sit on bench 1A. Only Luxury class passengers are allowed to enter the carriage. Passengers from other carriages were not allowed to enter. Porters were also not allowed. When I wanted to go to the dining car, I was asked. At that time I thought it was good that the security was tight.

travelbeib korden argo bromo anggrek luxury

I sit in 7B

Facilities and Services Provided During the Trip

Like business or luxury class service, my passengers and I were not given refreshing towels. From departure to arrival at the destination. We were also not given pillows, only blankets.

A headset should be provided for the touchscreen screen. The point is to hear the entertainment displayed on the screen. But we weren't given headsets either. Luckily I brought my own earphones.

travebeib entertainment di argo bromo anggrek luxury

There's plenty of music to choose from. Unfortunately there are no movies.

The position of the chair if it is bent in a sleeping position there is still a residue which makes the legs hang.

travelbeib bangku argo bromo anggrek luxury

Sleeper position that is not fully blocked

The toilet was smelly. Even though I entered before the train departed. There were also no toiletries such as cologne or lotion, like in business class. Fortunately, the toilet was clean.

travelbeib toilet argo bromo anggrek luxury

In the toilet of Luxury class. What do you think?

travelbeib wc argo bromo anggrek luxury

Good thing the toilet is clean and doesn't smell bad

Luxury class passengers receive 1 snack along with juice box, 1 big meal along with dessert, 2 bottles of mineral water (300 ml) and 2 teas/coffees for 6 hours of travel.

travelbeib snack argo bromo anggrek luxury

Snack in the form of Lays chips on a paper plate in plastic wrap, juice box and 1 bottle of Aqua

At lunchtime, I was given Nasi Timbel and pudding without water. The rice was steaming in the box. The funny thing is, in the Dining Car there are many food choices with better packaging boxes and can be warmed up. But why is it that in the Luxury class, we are given something like this?

travelbeib makan siang argo bromo anggrek luxury

Nasi Timbel anyep ala Luxury class... Maybe if in warteg price 20 thousands... Hmpfhh

The formation and contents are still far more interesting than the Nasi Rames in the Dining Car. Hiks.

travelbeib nasi rames argo bromo anggrek

Rice Rames that is dually in the Dining Car

Sadly, I was only given one 300 ml bottle of mineral water. There was no tea/coffee until I arrived in Semarang at 3pm.

Left Ipad on Train and Reported Loss to PT KAI CS.

Saturday, the next day, at 07:30 I realized that I had left my Ipad Mini on the train. I immediately called and reported to PT KAI customer service (CS) with complaint number 12629120. Because I was panicking that my Ipad was missing, I forgot to ask the name of the CS lady who talked to me. Fortunately, all my conversations on the phone were recorded by PT KAI.

travelbeib bangku argo bromo anggrek luxury

Husband and Ipad (which has been lost) in bench 7A

I told her the chronology and reported her condition. I asked to ask the Stewardess or the Janitor on duty. Asked them to check if they found any items left on my seat. Because there were only 6 passengers and 3 officers, it should be easier to track. Especially with the CCTV on the train. They also have my data.

travelbeib cctv argo bromo anggrek luxury

The CCTV position is right in front of my sitting position

Left Behind Goods SOP

I also asked Ms. CS what the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is if there are items left behind. She said, as soon as the passenger gets off, the flight attendant and 1 cleaner will immediately check the passenger bench after the passenger gets off. If there are items left behind, surely the two officers will know first. He also said that no other passengers sat on my bench after I got off and the train continued its journey to Surabaya.

travelbeib kereta sleeper argo bromo anggrek luxury

Indonesia's first sleeper train

At the same time, I also tracked my Ipad using Find My Iphone. It turned out that my Ipad was already in Surabaya at 08.10. And at 08.26 it was heading to Jalan Margorojo Indah, Surabaya. This means that from the last stop in Surabaya, someone must have brought my Ipad. Because the same train would return to Jakarta in the evening at 20:00.

An hour later, at 09.00, Mbak CS called and told me that the goods were not there. I also asked if she had checked with the duty officer. The answer was no. That was the only answer.

Chronology and Creating a Complaint Letter on Facebook

Feeling awkward and disappointed with the answer of Mbak CS PT KAI. Finally, I was forced to make a complaint letter on Facebook by tagging PT KAI's Facebook account, KAI121. The hope is that they can answer my sense of awkwardness. Suratnya bisa baca disini.

Answer from PT KAI

It turns out that my letter was immediately replied to by PT KAI and this is the contents of the answer.

travelbeib surat dari ptkai argo bromo anggrek luxury

PT KAI's reply on Facebook. How would you react if you read this?

I didn't accept their reply like that. Then I immediately replied again. To see my reply, you can see it on my Facebook page. Unfortunately, until this moment they still do not answer my questions about the service and security system of the Luxury Carriage.

Reading their answers makes me even more suspicious of the security system of the Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury train. Let's just say that it's true that the three officers on duty really didn't know. That means there are people from outside who enter the carriage, right? Who gave access to enter? Then how do they maintain the security system? Very odd, right? Are PT.KAI officials not concerned about this?

CCTV Not Working

Six days after I reported the Ipad missing, precisely on Thursday, October 11, 2018 yesterday. I received a call from Ms. CS PT KAI. Through the phone, she said that the CCTV on the train that I rode for 6 trips did not turn on. Then I asked what the function was then. Is it just for display? She just said yes. This is just the Ipad that was lost. What if a life is lost on the train? Would they still say yes or would they just apologise?

Very Disappointed with Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury's Safety and Service System

I am aware that my items were left behind due to my negligence. I also did not ask for compensation for the loss of my goods. I am just very disappointed with PT KAI. A big company that has never thought about proper service and comfort for its passengers. Especially in the Luxury class where the essence of the word Luxury does not exist. Why would PT KAI give a ticket price of 1.1 million per person on the Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury if the service is the same as the Economy class and the security system does not exist.

travelbeib kecewa pelayanan argo bromo anggrek luxury

Disappointed faces nail the Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury train

It feels like there have been too many complaints to PT KAI that have never been responded to by them. For example, broken bench seats, cockroaches inside the gate, smelly bathrooms... Those are just a few of them. While we as ticket buyers from Economy, Executive, Business and Luxury classes should have the right to feel good facilities because we buy tickets with our own money.

travelbeib pinterest kecewa dengan argo bromo anggrek luxury

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I don't think I'm the only one with these complaints. Do you have the same experience? I'm also confused why the Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury train is called the most expensive sleeper train in Indonesia. Do you think it's appropriate to be called that?

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