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Bali Coffee Review: Uma Kopi - Luxury Balinese Coffee and Breakfast

Luxurious Coffee and Breakfast at Uma Kopi

Highlights at Uma Kopi Bali:

  1. Fall in love with the cozy place

  2. Coffee atmosphere with a Balinese touch

  3. Serving high quality coffee taste

  4. Good tasting food and generous portions at a reasonable price.

  5. The waiter is friendly and the food is served quickly

  6. Strategic location close to everywhere

  7. There is a place to stay

  8. Lots to see in the area on foot

In Bali this time, I was so happy to find a luxurious coffee and breakfast place at Uma Kopi. What is meant by luxury here is not the exorbitant price, but the taste that is too good to be explained in words other than the word luxury. The location is along the edge of Jalan Drupadi, close to Jalan Raya Seminyak. To get here, you can pass through the T-junction from the direction of Sunset Road, heading towards Jalan Kayu Aya and Jalan Raya Kerobokan.

travelbeib uma kopi bali pintu masuk

Uma Kopi entrance

In addition to coffee shops, there is also a hostel-style inn or Bed & Breakfast called Umahku Apartment. Most people who stay here are foreigners. They love to hang out on the wooden benches of Uma Kopi while reading books, relaxing or typing on their laptops. No wonder you won't notice there's a coffee shop here if you pass by car. But if you pass by on foot, you'll definitely be tempted by the aroma of the coffee once you see the sign reading Uma Kopi.

travelbeib uma kopi bali barista

Once inside, you are immediately greeted by the emezzz barista. 🙂

Uma Kopi is located in the outdoor area of Umahku Apartment's front yard. For the parking area, there is Fat Buddha on the right side. Uma Kopi is surrounded by many trees, which makes the place feel beautiful and full of breeze. Even though the heat of Bali is very hot, it doesn't make me want to leave here quickly because the place is very cozy. In addition, the wifi is also strong. Very important for those who work mobile or have offices in coffee places like me.


Garden Area

travelbeib uma kopi bali leyeh corner

Leyeh-leyeh corner

Luxury Coffee and Breakfast Menu at Uma Kopi

Coffee lovers will definitely love the selection of coffee here because the coffee beans are served directly from 2 villages that have the best Arabica in Bali, namely Kintamani and Plaga. The coffee choices are also many from Manual Brew, Black (single, double, macchiato, conpana), White (piccolo, cappuccino, classic cappuccino, flat white), Latte (Mocha, Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla, Matcha, Red Velvet, Choco-latte), Frappuccino and Coffee with Ice Cream. For me, Uma Kopi really serves "Good taste coffee at its best". Perfectly in line with the quotes on the menu Your Bali Adventure Starts With Good Coffee.

travelbeib uma kopi bali quotes

Uma Kopi Quotes

travelbeib ngopi dan sarapan mewah di uma kopi bali

Hot Cappuccino

Besides coffee, there are also Balinese and Western food options. Since the majority of guests staying at Umahku Apartment are Caucasians, the breakfast is mostly Western. Even better, it comes in one package. So if you stay here, you can get breakfast by adding $5 for Caucasians and 50 thousand for local guests. For those who come here with children, no need to worry because there is also a Kids Menu.

I came here with my husband and friends when it was time for brunch. I don't know if I came at the right time or the wrong time, what is certain is that I was starving and hungry. I was also confused about what to order because all the food titles were interesting to eat. Finally my choice fell on Smoked Salmon Bagel (with overload yummy avocadoes), Iced Coffee Latte and water with ice cubes. Husband ordered Uma's Complete (the most champion food) and Manual Brew Coffee. While the others ordered Breakfast Hash, Smoked Salmon Toast, Chicken Panini and Iced Cappuccino. All the food we ordered was chef recommended. The food is healthy and doesn't make you fat because there are lots of avocados in the bagels and bread toast. The portions were generous and none of the food was bad. Superb brunch like a champ indeed. A very good choice for a luxurious coffee and breakfast at Uma Kopi. I will definitely come here again when I go to Bali.

travelbeib in uma kopi bali

Me loving every spot in Uma Kopi

To get here:

  1. Type Uma Kopi in Waze

  2. Close to Seminyak, Oberoi and Sunset Road

  3. From Ngurah Rai Airport 36 minutes by car

travelbeib uma kopi bali quotes 2

The sign says it all

Which can be done while walking along the Uma Kopi road:

  1. Rent a motorbike in Umahku Apartment

  2. Shop for clothes at small galleries along Kayu Aya Street and Oberoi Street

  3. Exchange dollars at Kodak Shop Money changer

travelbeib uma kopi bali pinggir jalan

The street in front of Uma Kopi

Close to Uma Kopi, it's good to continue:

  1. Clothes shopping at Seminyak Square

  2. Photo at the iconic "I Love Bali'" reading in Seminyak Square parking lot

  3. Play at Double Six Beach, Legian

  4. Sunset at La Plancha

  5. Swim at Cocoon Beach Club

  6. Enjoy Gelato at Gusto Gelato

  7. The nearest complete supermarket at Bintang Supermarket

  8. Take the kids to Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) or Upside Down World

  9. View or shop for Balinese paintings at Legian Art Painting

  10. Shop for home accessories made in Bali at Satunama or Mercredi

Hopefully my review can help those who have never been here. For those who want a guide, just click the print list link or click share on Pinterest. 🙂 Have an amazing day ahead Beib...

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