About Travelbeib

Started as a travel blog in 2018 by our Founder, Shastri Darsono. 

The name TravelBeib was created from two combined words, Travel and Beib (taken from the word Babe).

Travel means a journey to go from one place to another that will open your eyes and change the way you think. And the word Babe, relates to woman or calling in an affectionate way.


Hi There! I'm so happy you are here.

Our story is based on Shastri's journey, that has traveled almost half of the world and lived in more than one country since childhood. Seeing the diversity of life and living with different cultures. Made her appreciate life more when she finally stayed in her hometown Jakarta, Indonesia. Unfortunately, back when she lived for years in the US, none of her schoolmates knew, or never heard of Indonesia. Having that stuck memory in her mind, led her in creating, TravelBeib.com as a source for traveling in Indonesia and her way of introducing Indonesia to the world (or maybe her schoolmates) through her lens.

In 2019, we received an email from (our future) client in Malaysia. They wanted us to handle their group trip of 15 person during their 5 day stay in Bali. Having a working background as an event and trip organizer for the past 10 years. Our Founder took this opportunity. We were so delighted that our clients were happy and satisfied with our services. Thanks to them, we started to handle private trips until the pandemic strikes the world.