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Bali Review: Enjoy Bali’s Sunset with The Sunset Ship Bali

Diperbarui: 23 Nov 2022

Another way to enjoy Bali’s sunset with The Sunset Ship Bali. Especially for those who love the sea, sunset, and planning on a romantic vacation with your partner like I do. The Sunset Ship Bali offers an unforgettable way to enjoy Bali’s sunset. You will definitely feel amazed to be in the ship.

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About The Sunset Ship

The Sunset Ship, previously known as Black Ship Jimbaran, offers a new concept to see the sunset in the middle of the ocean using Jukung or Balinese traditional ship. The ship can fit up to 8 people, including 2 to 6 passengers plus 2 ship operators. It also provides towels, life jacket for swimming, a dry bag to store important items and also drinks for each person that rides the ship.

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The Sunset Ship

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Kadek Celeges and Aris – The Sunset Ship operators

The trip is a 3.5 hours ship ride starting from 4:00 to 7:30 PM Bali time. The Sunset Ship surely knows how to make us enjoy Bali’s sunset by providing hammock and sun deck on each side of the ship. Not to forget a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is on the ship too. You can lay down in the hammock by enjoying the view. Or even sunbathing in the sun deck during your way to the middle of the ocean. Snorkeling is prohibited too, as long you leave a request for the gear a day before departure. Check out The Sunset Ship Bali’s Instagram for more details about the trip.

Kelan Beach

To start the trip, head down first to Kelan Beach where it is located after Jimbaran and Kedonganan. To get here takes around 15 minutes car ride from Ngurah Rai Airport and 40 minutes ride via Sunset Road from Legian. It’s better not to get there too late, because the road may start to jam in the afternoon hours.

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Kelan Beach

Arriving in Kelan Beach at 3:30 PM. I was obliged to pay 10 thousand Rupiah ($1) for car parking distribution when entering the area. The parking spot is not yet as neat as other known beaches in Bali, like Kuta or Canggu. While the beach itself is not too crowded and looks clean and calm with white sands. Honestly, I would not know the existence of Kelan Beach if I were not going aboard with The Sunset Ship.