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Villa on Ranau lake, dont' miss it!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Lake Ranau is the most popular tourist destination in the South Sumatra region with a variety of attractive tourism options. To support tourism, there are also several villas on Lake Ranau that can be chosen as a place to stay.

Its beautiful location makes Lake Ranau the most suitable tourist destination for a weekend getaway. Likewise for those who plan to go on vacation with family. There are many choices of tourist sites that provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Lake Ranau Tourist Attraction

Before deciding to travel to Lake Ranau, you should know in advance what are the attractions of this one tourist spot. There are several interesting activities that can be done while staying at Lake Ranau and traveling with family.

1. Natural Landscape

Lake Ranau has a beautiful natural view. With clear blue water, with green hills and mountains that surround it, this place is a cool place and offers a calming view.

There are many fishermen looking for fresh water fish in the lake. This commodity is also part of a culinary tour for lake visitors who can relax while enjoying grilled fish.

2. Rides Around the Lake

When traveling by staying at a villa on Lake Ranau, you will have the opportunity to do the tourist activities offered around the lake. There are rides that can be entertainment during holidays such as waterparks or adventure tours around the lake.

3. Lake Ranau Tourism Activities

While visiting Lake Ranau, there are several activities that can be done for tourism with the family. Some of the activities carried out while staying at the villa on Lake Ranau such as exploring the lake, fishing, touring road bikes or adventure trail bikes.

4. Ranau Lake Festival

An annual festival is always held at Lake Ranau every year. This festival displays a variety of local culture and arts. So it's better to book a villa on Lake Ranau when the festival is held.

The Best Choice of Villas on Lake Ranau

Villas on Lake Ranau will be the most appropriate choice when doing a family vacation around Lake Ranau. To get comfort during your stay, you should pay attention to the following things before choosing lodging on Lake Ranau.

1. Site Selection

Location selection plays an important role in comfort while on vacation. Make sure to choose a location close to tourist destinations and public facilities.

Also look for cheap Lake Ranau villas and have close access to several other tourist locations around Lake Ranau.

2. Select the Recommended Villa

Do an online survey to find a comfortable villa. Read all the reviews made by other travelers who have stayed at the villa.

Be sure to pay attention to security in the villa environment, places to eat and shop around, transportation around, services from the villa and the facilities provided.

The following are recommendations for villas on Lake Ranau:

villa di danau ranau

Wisma Pusri Varita. Foto: Google Maps

villa di danau ranau 2

Penginapan Ranau Indah. Foto: Google Maps

villa di danau ranau 3

Danau Ranau Pusri. Foto: Google Maps

3. Order Housekeeper & Shopping Services

During the holidays, you will usually do more outside activities, especially when you are on vacation with your extended family. We recommend that you arrange ordering housekeeper services such as cleaning, shopping or other things needed during the holidays.


To get a pleasant vacation really need planning in advance. There are several advantages of booking a villa on Lake Ranau long before the D-day, such as discounts, early bird packages and so on, take advantage of all the offers to make it more cost effective.

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