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Villa in Malino Hills, a Staying Option with Various Attractions

Malino Hill is one of the must-visit destinations in South Sulawesi. This tourist location is perfect for relaxing with family. There are several choices of villas in Malino Hill that can be considered when planning a vacation with family.

Before choosing a villa for a vacation in Malino Hill, you should consider the location close to the mainstay tourist attractions in this region. This way you will be able to save time and money.

Location of Malino Hill

Malino is a tourist area located in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi. This panoramic green pine forest tour is about 90 km from Makassar City, or about 2 hours drive from Makassar. Malino itself has been known as a beautiful tourist spot since the Dutch colonial period. There are various interesting tourist attractions around Malino Hill from tours in the highlands, valleys, waterfalls, caves or museums.

To be able to explore the beauty in Malino it will take several days to explore these various interesting locations. So renting a villa in Malino Hills will be the most appropriate choice for a vacation with family.

Interesting Tours Around Malino Hill

Some tourist locations in Malino Hill can be considered to find villas in Malino hill that allow you to reach easily from the inn. Here are some favorite tourist destinations near Malino Hill.

1. Malino Highland

villa di bukit malino

Foto: Google Maps

Malino Highland is located in Pattapang, Tinggimoncong, in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi. This tourist spot is the main destination for tourism around Malino.

The green expanse with an area of about 200 hectares is a sight to unwind.

Flower gardens and tea gardens as well as some rare animals that live in this location provide their own tourist attraction. This location is considered an exclusive tourist spot with several choices of villas in Malino as a place to stay.

2. Lembah Hijau Camp and Resort

villa di bukit malino 2

This tourist location will be perfect for a vacation with family. Located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, it can be a place of choice to unwind and get back close to nature.

There are various tourist facilities to choose from such as nature and family tours, outbound or gathering events.

For those who love hunting for instagramable spots in Malino, Lembah Hijau Camp and Resort is one of the options. There are many good locations that can be chosen for photo spots, such as a bicycle placed at a height of 30 meters or also the Aladin flying carpet.

3. Lembanna Waterfall

villa di bukit malino 3

Photo: Google Maps

Lembanna Waterfall is a great place to relax while on holiday in the Malino Hills. This natural tourist spot is no less beautiful than other locations around Malino.

This waterfall tour is in the middle of a green and cool forest. This place is suitable for those who want to find peace and unwind.

Villa Options in Malino Hills

Some important considerations for a place to stay need to be considered, such as location near tourist attractions and public facilities. Then close to places to eat. And the most important thing is safety. So choose the best Malino villa that can provide comfort.

Do a survey before booking a villa. Find the most strategic villa location for a vacation. Malino villas with swimming pools are also one of the things to consider for a more relaxing and enjoyable family vacation.

You can rent the Dwarf House villa which is trending now. Here's how it looks like.

villa di bukit malino 5

Rumah Kurcaci. Foto: Google Maps


Planning accommodation is very important to have a pleasant holiday. For those who are planning a family vacation in Malino, you should do careful planning. One of them is finding a villa in Malino Hill according to budget and comfort.

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