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The Charm of Curug Country Jonggol, the Waterfall in the Middle of the City

Bogor City is already famous as a city with enchanting natural attractions. One of the tourist destinations that can be an option when in Bogor City is Curug Country Jonggol.

As the name suggests, this tourist attraction is a small waterfall. This waterfall is also known as Curug Jodoh. This waterfall is famous because of its shape which resembles the largest waterfall in the world which is very famous, namely Niagara Falls.

When viewed, this small waterfall does look like a mini version of Niagara Falls. Just like a waterfall. In addition to the soothing sound of water, visitors will also be spoiled with beautiful scenery.

Very suitable as a tourist spot in Jonggol Cileungsi. Here is a complete review of this tourist attraction in Bogor City.

About Curug Country Jonggol

Curug Country Jonggol 4

Foto: Google Maps

As explained earlier, Curug Country Jonggol is famous as a mini replica of the world's largest waterfall, Niagara. So, indeed this waterfall does not have a large size and even tends to be small.

The waterfall is also not too high. The uniqueness of this waterfall is that the water falls on terraced rocks, making the waterway look even more beautiful. At the bottom of the rocks, there is a pool to accommodate the falling water.

This pool can be used by visitors to bathe or play water. Before the water goes straight down to the bottom where the flow has become quite swift. The atmosphere around the waterfall is also very beautiful and calming.

1. Location of Attractions

As the name suggests, the location of this waterfall is in the Jonggol area. The exact address is on Jalan, Cijejetpolri in Tanjungsari District in Bogor Regency. Access to the location of this waterfall is not difficult.

Visitors can follow the Jonggol route to Cariu then to Cianjur. However, arriving in Cariu. Prospective visitors do not continue the journey to Cianjur. Instead, follow the route to Tanjung Sari District.

If, prospective visitors have arrived in Tanjung Sari District. It will not be too difficult to find the location of this waterfall. Because there will be many signposts installed showing the way to the location of Curug Cariu Jonggol. If visitors really intend to travel in this Curug Country Jonggol. It is strongly recommended that you bring a private vehicle only. This is because there is no mass transportation directly to this tourist attraction.

Curug Country Jonggol 3

Foto: Google Maps

2. Entrance Ticket Price to the Location

The entrance ticket price for Curug Country Jonggol is very affordable. For individuals, it only costs IDR 10,000. This fee does not include fees for parking facilities.

For the parking facility itself, visitors are charged again depending on the vehicle brought. For motor vehicles, the fee is only IDR 4,000. Meanwhile, for those who bring a car the cost is IDR 7,000.

3. Facilities Available Around Curug

Because this puts forward the concept of natural and beautiful tourism. No wonder Curug Country Jonggol has not undergone much renovation to add facilities. But as a tourist attraction, the facilities are actually quite adequate.

Like the toilet and parking lot for visitors to this waterfall. If visitors plan to stay overnight and spend time near the waterfall. The nearest lodging is at a distance of about 10 KM from this waterfall.

The distance is up to 30 minutes drive. Other accommodations such as restaurants and public transportation are also new at a distance of 10 KM from the waterfall.

That's the review of Curug Country Jonggol. This waterfall is the right tourist spot to visit. Especially for visitors who want to separate themselves from the city crowd for a while.

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