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Glamping Pangalengan Riverbank, Experience Camping with Complete Facilities!

Camping and enjoying nature with a cool view is certainly very pleasant. Especially for camps that are on the banks of the river. Like glamping on the banks of the Pangalengan Bandung river which will be very fitting to be used as a vacation spot.

The atmosphere offered by this place is very cool and beautiful. Moreover, the location on the banks of the river is very soothing.

The facilities offered are also very complete. So you no longer need to bother bringing equipment. Then, what kind of facilities will you get?

glamping pinggir sungai Pangalengan

Foto: Pineus Tilu Camp Ground

Facilities Offered When Staying at Glamping Pinggir Sungai Pangalengan

What are the facilities they can offer for those of you who want to try camping on the Pangalengan riverbank.

1. Sleeping Device

The first facility, you will get sleeping equipment. Starting from blankets, you will get pillows. Especially camping on riverbank tours will definitely feel very cold.

Even better, you don't need to bring the sleeping equipment. Because the organizer has given you these facilities. Even sleeping bags are also available if it adds to your warmth and comfort while camping.

2. Cookware

The good thing about this Pangalengan riverside glamping is that you can cook your favorite food. The cooking utensils provided by the organizer are certainly a luxury facility in itself.

Especially for those of you who want to camp without the hassle of carrying various kinds of equipment. Moreover, you can do barbeque easily and certainly do not need to bother.

3. Tents

Because you will do camping, of course you need a tent. If you are glamping on the Pangalengan riverbank, you don't need to bring a tent anymore. Everything is available. You will get this facility if you camp here.

The location of Pinus 3 Pangalengan is certainly very easy to access. And of course this is a healing place that is easy to reach.

4. Bathing Place

You can easily access clean water. Even though you are camping by the river, you still need clean water. If you choose to camp here, then don't worry about clean water.

Even the organizers provide a clean bathing place. So you don't need to be afraid anymore if you want to clean yourself. Don't be afraid of the cold either, because each bathroom is equipped with warm water.

However, due to the large number of visitors at Pineus Tilu Pangalengan, book in advance. Because, not a few people who want to feel camping on the banks of the river with complete facilities.

5. Firing Area

The facility that you will feel and get is the presence of electronic battery charging stations, such as cellphones. So, you no longer need to be afraid of running out of battery to capture exciting moments while you are camping.

For each visitor will find different prices on weekends or weekdays. But the price of this riverside Pangalengan camping, you can still reach it. So don't be afraid to feel expensive.

You can even stay with your friends. Because each tent will fit up to 4-6 people. So camping with your genk will definitely be a lot of fun.

You can certainly come with loved ones. You can even invite your family to camp. Because of the complete facilities. You just need to come and make a booking. No need to bring equipment.

So how is it? Are you ready for Pangalengan riverbank glamping? Which will certainly be very exciting and very comfortable for you.

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