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Café Del Mar Bali Feels Like Ibiza

Cafe Del Mar Bali has opened its branch in Indonesia. Precisely on September 16, 2019 on Jalan Subak Sari, Canggu. It's right next to La Laguna. So you don't have to fly all the way to Ibiza if you want to go there. Cafe Del Mar.

Canggu Bali Beach Club Cafe Del Mar

Beach Club yang lagi hits di Canggu

Café Del Mar yang pertama, opened in 1980 in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza, Spain. To date, there are 16 branches around the world, including Bali.

The concept is the same. Enjoy a relaxing time with sunbathing, swimming in the pool, mimican cocktails while watching the sunset accompanied by music from the iconic Café Del Mar Chill House Music label.

Iconic Cafe Del Mar Bali

The iconic stage in Cafe Del Mar Bali

Label musik Café Del Mar is the most successful and longest-running Chill House music compilation series in world music history. Making Café Del Mar's branding even stronger among music lovers and twilight lovers.

DJ Performance at Cafe Del Mar Bali

We are the twilight lovers

Inside Cafe Del Mar Bali

At the entrance Café Del Mar. You'll be greeted by a friendly host. Despite the friendliness, unfortunately there was a no-cameras rule in the cafe when I visited on the 6th day after the opening.

Cafe Del Mar Bali ambience

A touch of Ibiza in Bali

Step inside Café Del Mar Bali. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Indian Ocean in the beach club area, which consists of 2 bar areas, 60 outdoor benches, 58 sun loungers, 37 day beds, 13 cabanas, a luxury pool booth and 4 sunset booths near the bar. If you don't want to choose a day bed or cabana. You can sit in the restaurant area with food and drink reservations.

Cafe Del Mar Bali Pool Bar

It's cool to see

Sofa di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Pool sofa overlooking the beach

Next, we will be given a choice of alternative places with their own minimum spend. Starting from the price of IDR 300,000 to IDR 30,000,000. Huh 30 million? How expensive?

VIP Private Room

What distinguishes Café Del Mar Bali from other beach clubs is the availability of 4 VIP private rooms with a capacity of 6 to 30 people. Private rooms can be used for private events. Each room is equipped with a butler, toilet, air-conditioned room and a small pool located on the front terrace. So, for me who is an event person. The price is still standard because the minimum spend includes food, drinks and equipment facilities for private events.

Cafe Del Mar Bali VIP Private Room

VIP Private Room front terrace (mon map photo at night)

Cafe Del Mar VIP Private Room

Inside the VIP Private Room

Fall in Love with Cafe Del Mar's Interior

My favourite part of Café Del Mar Bali is the white, spacious and spacious building. Along with the mix of interiors with Mediterranean, Spanish, French and Balinese touches. It makes me feel comfortable and at home here. I come from 3pm to 8pm.

Travelbeib at Cafe Del Mar Bali

Pool sofa menghadap tembok ikon

Interior beach club bali

Interior Cafe Del Mar Bali

Sunset di canggu bali indonesia

Sunset di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Restoran di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Area restoran di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Interior Restaurant Bar di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Bar di area restoran

Food Prices and Menu

If you plan to come here with your partner. You should prepare Rp 300,000 for drinks, snacks or 1 main course portion. In my opinion, the price of food and drinks at Cafe Del Mar Bali is almost the same as other beach clubs in Bali. Payment can also be made by cash, debit or credit card.

Menu Cafe Del Mar Bali

Yummy pizza and cocktail

The food menu at Cafe Del Mar is served with a touch of Mediterranean, Asian and Eastern flavours. The portions are large, the menu choices are unique and the taste is also delicious.

From appetizers, tapas, main course, dessert, alcoholic drinks, cocktails, mocktails, vegan to kids menu. My favourites are the wild mushroom, truffle, fontina, tarragon pizza and cocktails.

Menu Cafe Del Mar Bali

Pizzanya TravelBeib Approved

Bar di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Salah satu bar di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Spot sunset di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Salah satu spot di Cafe Del Mar Bali yang menghadap sunset

Sunset di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Jelang sunset, residence DJ akan memainkan musik dengan peralatan DJ. Mainnya di area panggung yang bentuknya keong raksasa berwarna putih. Musiknya pun semakin membuat suasana sunset terasa mewah dan bermakna.

Spot sunset untuk pasangan di Cafe Del Mar Bali

Perfect spot untuk pasangan

DJ yang main dari lokal maupun internasional. Alirannya mulai dari musik house, chill house dan house progressive. Di lengkapi dengan kualitas sound yang bagus dan area dansa yang sangat luas. Kamu pun bisa berjoged ria breast teman-teman hingga tengah malam. 

Cafe Del Mar VIP at night

Suasana Cafe Del Mar di malam hari

By the way, in 2020, there will be a Cafe Del Mar The Grand Opening special will feature internationally renowned DJs. So you can save up from now on if you want to feel a touch of Ibiza in Bali.

For video details, keep an eye on my Youtube, Beib.

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