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7 Recommended Places for Luxury Glamping in Bandung

Glamping is one of the most exciting adventures. Especially if you do luxury glamping in Bandung. The cool and cold atmosphere is the main attraction.

Conveniently, if you are glamping, you certainly don't need to prepare the equipment. Because everything is fully available by the organizer. A camping adventure like this is perfect for you nature lovers.

Or you want to forget for a moment the fatigue of the suffocating city life. So, try some recommendations for glamping places that are very comfortable for you to try to come to.

Recommended Luxury Glamping Sites in Bandung

Which glamping spots can you recommend? Check out the following.

1. Glamping Lakeside Rancabali

Glamping Mewah di Bandung

One of the closest glamping locations that is easy for you to access. It's a little further from the city center, but it's an easy location to access. What's more you will be presented with the cool view of the tea garden.

There is even a lake view that you can see when trying to camp here. Starting from simple tents, family tents to camping resorts that can accommodate up to 12 people.

2. The Lodge Maribaya

Glamping Mewah di Bandung

Foto: Google Maps

You will feel the sensation of sleeping like in a pumpkin in this place. The shape of the campsite like a pumpkin makes this a luxury glamping in Bandung.

During your camping you can do many activities. Like walking through the forest, riding a flying fox to other activities. There is even an onion-shaped tent that will fit up to 3 people.

3. Legok Kondang Lodge Glamping Ciwidey Bandung

Glamping Mewah di Bandung

One of the glamping bandsung Ciwidey which is not far from Husein Sastranegara International Airport. Only 37 kilometers away from the airport.

Starting from the family room to exciting activities such as, rafting, fishing to trekking you can do.

4. Trizara Resorts Glamping

Glamping Mewah di Bandung

One of the resorts that has eccentric tents. The location is not far from Bosscha Observatory and also the Miniature Railway park. The location is very easy to reach.

Even this resort has fairly luxurious facilities. Even every place is equipped with a terrace and seating. Although the facilities in Bandung glamping, the price of Trizara Resorts Glamping is fairly affordable.

5. Grafika Cikole

Glamping Mewah di Bandung

Do you want to do an authentic and traditional camping but while still enjoying the luxury glamping facilities in Bandung? Grafika Cikole has two camping areas.

One is for large groups, perfect for workshops or office trips the other is for families. There are even many activities that you can try to participate in. Starting from flying fox to paintball.

Fun isn't it, this one camping place. Perfect for those of you who are tired on the weekend.

6. Bubu Jungle Resort

Glamping Mewah di Bandung

Lodging with a very unique form of fishing gear. Because of its shape, it is named Bubu Jungle Resort. Beautiful views will also greet you when you wake up in the morning.

This inn is one of the Bandung glamping private pools given to each room with warm temperature water. Well, it will certainly be very comfortable to spend the night at Bubu Jungle Resort.

7. Eco Park Curug Tilu Ciwidey

Glamping Mewah di Bandung

Foto: Google Maps

Want to see a waterfall while camping in Bandung? This Eco Park is the solution, and has various exciting rides, such as bamboo bridges, photo spots, camping ground and also glamping.

What are you waiting for? This weekend you can pamper yourself with friends and relatives with luxury glamping in Bandung.

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