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5 Best Recommendations for Camping Places in Bandung by the River

Camping can be one of the best holiday options. Camping with a natural atmosphere and on the banks of the river is now also sought after, especially those in the Bandung area. Here, 5 best recommendations for camping in Bandung by the river that you can try.

1. Pineus Tilu Riverside Camping Tour

tempat camping di Bandung pinggir sungai

Foto: Instagram Pineus Tilu Riverside Camping

This riverside camping spot in Bandung is a popular tourist destination for camping. The camping area is on the edge of the river surrounded by pine trees. The tour raises the concept of nature so that the atmosphere of the place is maintained naturally.

In addition to camping, visitors can enjoy a variety of other exciting activities such as fishing, barbecue, and rafting. This camping location is in the Rahong Pulosari Pine Forest area, Pangalengan District, Bandung.

The location is close to Situ Cileunca whose water is still clear. Plus, visitors can really feel a place to camp on the edge of the river. In addition, it is also equipped with public facilities such as toilets and places to eat.

2. Ranca Cangkuang Gambung Campground

tempat camping di Bandung pinggir sungai

Foto: Google Maps

The next camping spot in Bandung that you can visit is Ranca Cangkuang Campground. The camping site is located under a hill with a large meadow and is around the riverbank.

For visitors who like the beautiful atmosphere of nature that is still natural, they must try this camping place. The existence of hills, grass, and rivers that become one will create a calm, beautiful, and certainly cool camping atmosphere.

This camping place is also suitable for backpackers or visitors with an open natural atmosphere with a mattress and covered by a camping tent. As for the facilities, they consist of toilets, food stalls, prayer rooms, and others.

3. Bale Bambu Adventure Bandung

tempat camping di Bandung pinggir sungai

Foto: Google Maps

If you are looking for a camping place in Bandung by the river at a relatively low cost, you can try coming to Bale Bambu Adventure Bandung. This camping location in Bandung is precisely located in Soreang District. The camping site is also close to several other tourist sites.

Other tourist destinations that can be visited include Kampung Sawah Sundanese restaurant, Pesona Nirwana Waterpark, Kampung Batu, and Taman Love Soreang. Camping by the river is even more complete with a panoramic view of the mountains.

In addition, special family packages such as the Bandung Family Gathering Package are also available. The rental price is less than 500 thousand and has been provided with various facilities ranging from food, campfire, to sleeping bags.

4. Alamendah Aboretum Park

tempat camping di Bandung pinggir sungai

Foto: Google Maps

This tour is a new one in the Ciwidey area, Bandung. This riverside camping place in Bandung has the attraction of Curug Awi Langit waterfall rides. This camping location is very far from the crowd and the air is cool so it is suitable for quiet refreshing.

Some of the facilities that can be enjoyed include photo spots, outbound, cafes or restaurants, cottages, and gatherings. The cost is relatively very cheap compared to some other camping places. For less than 50 thousand, visitors can enter and camp.

5. Ciwangun Indah Camp Bandung

tempat camping di Bandung pinggir sungai


This camping place is quite extensive, which is around 22 hectares and is at an altitude of 1000 mpdl. The atmosphere of camping here feels more natural by being surrounded by lush pine trees so that it will feel shady and cool.

In addition, there are attractions of artificial lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and tea gardens that can be enjoyed while camping. For other facilities that can be enjoyed such as air soft gun games, outbound, and others. This tour is located in Parompong District, West Bandung.


Those are some of the best recommendations for camping in Bandung by the river. It is also recommended that when choosing a vacation location, pay attention to every facility provided and adhere to health protocols.

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