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collaborate with travelbeib

Hi, I’m Shastri Darsono, nice to meet you!

I am the writer behind Travelbeib. According to Trip Advisor, I had traveled to more than 100 cities in the world. Here, I love to encourage people to travel more by giving them valuable tips and inspiration from my traveling journey.

Let’s Collaborate

Travelbeib is all about travelling to amazing places and adventurous activities on a normal person’s budget as part of enjoying life.

I am available for collaborations and advertising in the travel industry. I’m always interested to explore new places, hotel or villa hopping. Also, love to experiencing adventures where I can share and inspire with my readers.

I look forward to publishing exciting stories, honest reviews of the places I love to stay. Also sharing stunning images from each destination.

But first of all, I’d like to know more about YOU.


Travel/Hotel/Restaurant/Coffee Tester

I love staying in a comfy room, I love to eat, I love coffee and most of all, I love making all that as my job.

If you’re from outside Jakarta and want to invite me to your country. Or if you just opened a new coffee shop, a restaurant, hotel or villa and you need someone to promote. Invite me to your place and I will let the whole world know about your brand. By sharing the beautiful photos, detail reviews and writing my honest testimonial about it on TravelBeib.

Here’s where you can see some of my portfolios on Instagram.


What I can offer is sponsored posts photography and videos for:

  • Press trips to promote a destination
  • Hotel/hostel/villa reviews
  • Airline reviews
  • Day or Multi-Day trips/tours
  • Adventure/Romantic/Family activities
  • Restaurant or Coffee Shop reviews
  • App reviews
  • Attending Events
  • Travel gear/attire reviews
  • A long-lasting work relationship

There is no better and authentic way to promote your business.



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