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Welcome to Travelbeib.

Hi there. I’m so happy you are here.

In case you’re wondering who I am? My name is Shastri Darsono. I am the writer behind Travelbeib. An Indonesian Travel Blogger living in Jakarta. You can call me Shastri.

About Travelbeib

I was born in Jakarta. But I grew up in Philadelphia, Bandung, and Adelaide. Staying in more than one place has taught me a lot about meeting new people, which I’ve learned a lot.

Flashback to my childhood memories, I remember my first trip was when I moved from Indonesia to America. During my growing up years living in America, my favorite moments were when my family and I went for road trips traveling to all the cities in America during my school holidays. At that moment, I realize I wanted to travel the world and see how beautiful this life is.

How I came into blogging

Doing what I love and love what I’m doing has always been my life motivational quote. Having 10 years of working experiences in Advertising, Public Relations, and Event Organizer. It has fulfilled my passion for art, travel, and photography. I capture my entire travel journey through my camera.

Meanwhile, along the way, there are friends and social media followers that always asked me recommendations of the best place to visit, best accommodations, where to eat and itineraries of my traveling journey.

Becoming A Writer

Due to that reason. I started thinking of becoming a blogger around 5 years ago. Although I don’t call myself a good writer yet writing has been a passion for me. Unfortunately, at that time I was very busy running my own company for the past 10 years. Then, along the way, I’ve realized that life is short. I wanted to enjoy life. So, I decided to have an early pension at work and want to live a more adventurous life every day by doing what I love. Which is traveling and writing.

Now I have more time to fulfill my passion by creating this journey of mine called TravelBeib. Through this website, I hope it can be a hub for traveler newbie. Not only for my readers from my hometown Jakarta. But also for readers throughout the world. I hope we can collaborate too.

Thank you Beib for visiting me. For more updates on my post. You can write down your name and contact down below. So I can get to know you too.

So, here it goes. I present you my first post in Travelbeib.


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